The more complex employee benefits become, the more complex the enrollment and administration become. But it doesn't have to be that way. We will work with you or your broker to determine which of our flexible enrollment options best suits your small or mid-size business needs, and we'll provide a simple, seamless enrollment experience for you and your employees. Benefits communication and education is at the core of employees understanding and appreciating the benefits you provide to them. Our multi-channel approach ensures employees are engaged and informed.

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From virtual 1-to-1 benefits enrollment sessions to easy online scheduling, there is always a member of our team behind our technology dedicated to creating an engaging experience for employees. 

No two employees are the same. Everyone’s needs are different, and those needs evolve over time. From new babies to senior care, college tuition to retirement planning, life changes — sometimes unexpectedly.

Our benefit counselors use 1-to-1 sessions to get to know your employees and help them tailor employee health insurance benefits that meet their needs. Whether you need a counselor who is bilingual, has experience communicating complex benefits, or is proficient with third-party enrollment platforms, our behind-the-scenes technology ensures you are paired with the right person.

We pair people with technology 

Through co-browsing and video chat, we can ensure employees are given the attention they deserve with a friendly and knowledgeable Platinum Benefits Counselor on the other side of the screen. Co-browsing is a convenient way to share an employee’s benefit options with them online. They are sent a link to their enrollment and, with one click, can be connected to their Benefits Counselor via conference call, video chat, or screen-share. It puts the control in their hands, enabling them to select the coverage they want while a Benefits Counselor walks them through everything.

The convenience of online self-service benefits enrollment and administration allows employees to make their choices on their own time.

Our Employee Benefit Counselors meet in-person with your employees to discuss the benefits you’ve made available and how they can protect their families and finances.

Whether your teams are remote, multilingual, in multiple locations, work multiple shifts, or all of the above, we’ll connect with them individually by phone to help them understand their employee benefit options. Our licensed telephonic Benefit Counselors offer nationwide support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, including a callback service for added employee convenience.

1-to-1 benefits counseling is a powerful tool for engaging your employees and helping them understand the best protections available to them and their families. That’s why we’re committed to meeting with your employees in multiple ways that are convenient for them, wherever they are. 

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