Affordable Employee Benefits

Platinum Benefits provides Affordable Employee Benefits that are enrolled and administered in the same way as the traditional health insurance.

Health Insurance is not the only option that is available to small and mid-size businesses in the Greater Seattle and Tacoma area. Take a look below.

What are voluntary benefits?

Sometimes called “supplemental insurance,” these benefits are paid directly to employees and can be used for things such as lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and household bills.

Affordable Employee Benefits are a major reason employees choose to accept a new job – and also a major reason they choose to stay in their current one. That's why having an alternative option to health insurance can be a perfect solution.

Employees can pay for many voluntary benefits with pre-tax income. This lowers both the income tax they pay and FICA taxes you pay.

Voluntary plans are usually payroll deducted

Things you need to know

You can offer these benefits as "stand alone" benefits without offering a full health plan 

These benefits can be paid by the company or the employees

Start as low as $12 a month 

Employees can pay for many voluntary employee benefits with pre-tax income; this lowers both the income tax they pay and FICA taxes you pay as an employer

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As many employers off set premium increases with higher-deductible plans, these affordable benefits can also help employees bring their coverage and budgets back into balance.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of the overall employee benefits package without losing coverage is to combine a high deductible health insurance plan with supplemental insurance.

Another Employee Benefit Strategy